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Coach Brandy Boulwen

She's so H-town! Brandy Boulwen is a native Houstonian, and the owner of a bakery/event planning business, Blessings by Brandy, LLC., and a proud mommy of 3. She loves short walks to the bank and plenty of hot wings. When her true friends described Brandy, they share that she is the comedian and life of the party,and always a joy to be around.


Brandy has had many experiences of failing and succeeding, in life and business. This is what helps put her in a position to help so many others. She is more than an overcomer and her story is a true testament to her faith and her walk with God. 


Brandy's speaking topics are relatable and relative, people find it easy to relate to her story. Her personality matched with her go-getter drive is what helped her propel forward and pull herself up to the top!

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